Checking Your Estimated SSS Pension Online

To be able to check your estimated pension online, you need to register first online with SSS.

1) Log-in to your account.
2) Select E-services then Inquiry. An advisory box will appear. Just click ok.

3) Select Eligibility then DDR - funeral
4) Enter your earliest retirement date (date when you turn 60. Date of birth + 60) then click Submit.

5) A list of available benefits will be provided. Click Retirement - pension**.

**it will change as you continue paying your SSS contributions. For those who have not yet accumulated the minimum 120 contributions, you will see that your benefit claim is lump sum.

SSS had an update on their website but still the same procedure as above. Just go to E-Services then click Simulated Retirement Calculator and it will automatically compute how much would be the retirement amount. Below is their new beta website. I think it is more user friendly unlike before.


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