Australia: My Experience With The Stock Market - Part 4

Aside from stonks, I was also researching about ETFs (exchange traded funds). It's like mutual funds but no. Then I came across spaceship voyager  then raiz .  If you want to know more about the two, you can refer to this  article . Below is a summary: 📌Make sure you understand the product and the risks involved before investing.  Source: Update: I opened an account with Raiz and will do a review after a few months 😊 . If you want to get started, maybe you can use my referral link here  to have  $5 for me, $5 for you! Thanks!   

Accountant: What To Look For?

We all know that understanding the basics of accounting is important especially if we want to become an entrepreneur. However, some of us are really bad at it. With that, we need to hire an accountant or a bookkeeper. If not, we will not be able to see the real financial situation of the business.
Nowadays, with the changing business landscape due to technology, we can outsource jobs including accountants and/or bookkeepers for a minimal fee. And we have to make sure that there's quality when doing this.
Rob Nixon in his book Remaining Relevant lists an awesome 8 an accountant should have when serving their clients. We can use these as our basis when looking for accountants.
  • Growth: helps the business increase its revenue and build wealth
  • Profit: helps understand where the profit is coming from and suggests how to improve it
  • Cash flow: helps understand and suggests how to oversee it
  • Tax exposure: helps in managing tax efficiently
  • Asset protection: helps keep hold of what the business has
  • Succession planning: helps the next generation of business
As a bonus, an accountant can help you in:
  • Financial retirement: helps in creating wealth that you need
  • Estate planning: helps you in your wealth and in leaving a legacy
If you have not found one, then I would suggest start learning. You can always browse the net for information. You don't need to understand everything in accounting, just learn the financial statements.



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