Australia: My Experience With The Stock Market - Part 4

Aside from stonks, I was also researching about ETFs (exchange traded funds). It's like mutual funds but no. Then I came across spaceship voyager  then raiz .  If you want to know more about the two, you can refer to this  article . Below is a summary: 📌Make sure you understand the product and the risks involved before investing.  Source: Update: I opened an account with Raiz and will do a review after a few months 😊 . If you want to get started, maybe you can use my referral link here  to have  $5 for me, $5 for you! Thanks!   

Putting Your Business Together

Many of us wants to put up a business but doesn’t know where to start. Here are some tips (reference: Guide to Starting a Small Enterprise):
Start by defining your purpose for putting up the business and setting the goals and objectives that will lead you to achieve this purpose. Let these questions guide you:
ü  Why am I setting up this business? How do I want my business to be five years from now? What should my business achieve on the first year, on the second year, etc.?
ü  Will my business be a single proprietorship, will I get partners, or will I incorporate? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type?
ü  What are the laws and regulations that can affect and influence my business?
ü  Will I need people at the outset? How many will I need? What qualities will I look out for in them?
ü  Where should I go for information and guidance? 
Look at your finances. Regardless of the manner that you will start a business (an entirely independent business, an existing one, or a franchise) and type of activity (manufacturing, service, or trading) that you will go into, you will need money to put up a business and keep it going at least until the business starts to generate revenues. Your next move is to find out how much you will need.
Give your business a legal personality. After raising the money to get your business going, register your business with the appropriate agencies of government.
Monitor, review and change your business plan if necessary.
#Happy Investing Kabayan!


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