My First Investing/Trading Books

When I was learning about investing in the stock market, I needed books for more information. There are a lot of free pdf on the web but the books that I like, I want to have a hard copy of it so that my children maybe can read it someday. Maybe that will be the legacy that I'll be leaving them. I want them to know money management as it is very important. If only I have known that when we were kids, maybe I have chosen a different path. So, I went to check the bookstore and EXPENSIVE!! I searched for online bookstores that offers affordable books like amazon and I found at about BOOK DEPOSITORY. These are my first books. Jesse Livermore's Methods of Trading in Stocks - Richard Wyckoff This was my first ever book about trading. It has only 32 pages and can be read in one sitting but full of information. It tells about how Livermore's preparation before and after trading, money management, news, stocks to trade and pyramiding.   How To Trade in Stocks - Jesse Li

Putting Your Business Together

Many of us wants to put up a business but doesn’t know where to start. Here are some tips (reference: Guide to Starting a Small Enterprise):
Start by defining your purpose for putting up the business and setting the goals and objectives that will lead you to achieve this purpose. Let these questions guide you:
ü  Why am I setting up this business? How do I want my business to be five years from now? What should my business achieve on the first year, on the second year, etc.?
ü  Will my business be a single proprietorship, will I get partners, or will I incorporate? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type?
ü  What are the laws and regulations that can affect and influence my business?
ü  Will I need people at the outset? How many will I need? What qualities will I look out for in them?
ü  Where should I go for information and guidance? 
Look at your finances. Regardless of the manner that you will start a business (an entirely independent business, an existing one, or a franchise) and type of activity (manufacturing, service, or trading) that you will go into, you will need money to put up a business and keep it going at least until the business starts to generate revenues. Your next move is to find out how much you will need.
Give your business a legal personality. After raising the money to get your business going, register your business with the appropriate agencies of government.
Monitor, review and change your business plan if necessary.
#Happy Investing Kabayan!


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