Australia: My Experience With The Stock Market - Part 4

Aside from stonks, I was also researching about ETFs (exchange traded funds). It's like mutual funds but no. Then I came across spaceship voyager  then raiz .  If you want to know more about the two, you can refer to this  article . Below is a summary: 📌Make sure you understand the product and the risks involved before investing.  Source: Update: I opened an account with Raiz and will do a review after a few months 😊 . If you want to get started, maybe you can use my referral link here  to have  $5 for me, $5 for you! Thanks!   

Surviving a Sandwich Generation

A 'sandwich' is a food where two or more pieces of bread serve as a wrapper for another food type (wikipedia).

So when you hear the word 'sandwich generation', it means that you are a middle-aged individual (30's-40's) who cares or supports not only your children but also your parents. So it looks like this:

There have been debates about this topic whether children are obliged to support their parents. It was even asked in the Bb. Pilipinas Q&A and the contestant herself seemed confused on what to answer. She first said No then changed her answer to Yes without explaining why.

I am in a sandwich generation. It was easy at first when I was single but now that I have a family to take care of, sometimes I do not know anymore what to do especially when the problems are continuous. It's draining me not only financially but also emotionally. However, I am surviving this generation by:

1) Paying Myself First

Since I know how to budget, I make sure that I set aside an amount for myself. It doesn't matter how big or small the amount is. As long as you are keeping something for yourself then that would be a great start.

2) Talking To My Parents

When I had my own family, I talked to my parents on my limitations in helping them especially during tough times. I know my mom understands my situation but sometimes I can't resist myself because I know their situation. That's why before I give in, I make sure that my husband knows and we can repay it back to our savings the next month.

I think that's the best way to survive in such generation. It's very challenging but life is like that so we have to find a way no matter what.

#Happy Investing!!


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