My First Investing/Trading Books

When I was learning about investing in the stock market, I needed books for more information. There are a lot of free pdf on the web but the books that I like, I want to have a hard copy of it so that my children maybe can read it someday. Maybe that will be the legacy that I'll be leaving them. I want them to know money management as it is very important. If only I have known that when we were kids, maybe I have chosen a different path. So, I went to check the bookstore and EXPENSIVE!! I searched for online bookstores that offers affordable books like amazon and I found at about BOOK DEPOSITORY. These are my first books. Jesse Livermore's Methods of Trading in Stocks - Richard Wyckoff This was my first ever book about trading. It has only 32 pages and can be read in one sitting but full of information. It tells about how Livermore's preparation before and after trading, money management, news, stocks to trade and pyramiding.   How To Trade in Stocks - Jesse Li

Surviving a Sandwich Generation

A 'sandwich' is a food where two or more pieces of bread serve as a wrapper for another food type (wikipedia).

So when you hear the word 'sandwich generation', it means that you are a middle-aged individual (30's-40's) who cares or supports not only your children but also your parents. So it looks like this:

There have been debates about this topic whether children are obliged to support their parents. It was even asked in the Bb. Pilipinas Q&A and the contestant herself seemed confused on what to answer. She first said No then changed her answer to Yes without explaining why.

I am in a sandwich generation. It was easy at first when I was single but now that I have a family to take care of, sometimes I do not know anymore what to do especially when the problems are continuous. It's draining me not only financially but also emotionally. However, I am surviving this generation by:

1) Paying Myself First

Since I know how to budget, I make sure that I set aside an amount for myself. It doesn't matter how big or small the amount is. As long as you are keeping something for yourself then that would be a great start.

2) Talking To My Parents

When I had my own family, I talked to my parents on my limitations in helping them especially during tough times. I know my mom understands my situation but sometimes I can't resist myself because I know their situation. That's why before I give in, I make sure that my husband knows and we can repay it back to our savings the next month.

I think that's the best way to survive in such generation. It's very challenging but life is like that so we have to find a way no matter what.

#Happy Investing!!


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