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PSE Short Selling

Just a few days ago, the PSE has introduced short selling in the stock market. Please refer to below memorandum:


This is our last day here in Singapore and I would like to take this opportunity to thank first of all to God for everything and second to Singapore for the opportunity she has given to us. No words can express how grateful we are.
Again, Thank You and we wish Singapore success in all their future endeavors.

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2018 Starting The Year Right

And I'm back!! I've been planning on updating the blog but I was busy the past few months. A lot has happened last year. We have seen the rise of bitcoin* and cryptos and most especially, the passing of the TRAIN law effective starting January 1st and trade war between countries especially China and  the US.

For the past months, I was busy studying and reviewing about trading not only in stocks but also in forex and cryptos. Then around March, we received a golden email; our visa was approved. With that, we were busy researching, planning and budgeting.

2018 GOALS

June 20 will be our last day in Singapore and we will be having our big move on July 7.Because of that, there will be a lot of adjustments and things to do:Look for a job for my husband and childcare for my sonWhile waiting for my son to adjust with the environment, I will continue monitoring our Philippine stock account, research on ASX and learn how to driveOpen a trading account in AustraliaLook for a job for myse…

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