Australia: My Experience With The Stock Market - Part 4

Aside from stonks, I was also researching about ETFs (exchange traded funds). It's like mutual funds but no. Then I came across spaceship voyager  then raiz .  If you want to know more about the two, you can refer to this  article . Below is a summary: 📌Make sure you understand the product and the risks involved before investing.  Source: Update: I opened an account with Raiz and will do a review after a few months 😊 . If you want to get started, maybe you can use my referral link here  to have  $5 for me, $5 for you! Thanks!   

Brisbane: Cost of Living - Part 1

Before moving to Queensland, we did our research not only on the weather but also on the estimated expenses we need for our daily survival but it was not enough. We were not sure if the money we had covered at least 6 months of our expenses. So, below are rough estimates based on a per week basis. So if you are budgeting for one year, multiply it by 52 weeks but for me, I would put an allowance of 1 week so it would be 53 weeks.

  • Rent - since we are a family, we decided to look for a house or a unit. Our budget was $250-$300 but we ended up with $350. If you'll be looking at suburbs far away from the city like Tingalpa, Canon Hill, Murrarie, Wynnum, prices will be around our budget. But if in the city, budget will range from $300 above and most of the units are unfurnished. You can also look for a shared room for the meantime. As mentioned in my previous blog, it's quite difficult to get approved due to the many requirements needed. Also, it is cheaper and no need to worry about utility bills like water, electricity and internet. You can browse on the link to have a better idea on the prices There are other rental websites but we used that site for searching.
  • Electricity - this depends on the provider you'll be using. We are with Click Energy and it had bad reviews in their website but it was recommended by the property agent so we just said yes since we really do not have an idea on who are the providers (hehe). The bill comes in quarterly but for click energy, they bill us monthly. The first two bills are estimates then the last bill is adjusted based on the actual reading. I am not sure with other providers if they do that. Our monthly budget is $150 but our quarterly bill is around $300 total (so maybe $30-$50/week). Maybe this summer it will be more than $300 because we are using an aircon. You can check the comparisons in the link
  • Water - I am not sure with this since we are renting a unit. I think if you'll be staying in a house, you'll be paying quarterly too. The property agent sends us a bill on how much to pay and we paid around $90 covering Sep-Nov and we did not receive any bill yet for Dec-Feb.
  • Internet - our internet provider is Dodo and we got the basic plan which costs $59.90/month ($15/week). For more research, refer to
  • Transportation - expensive! expensive! expensive! That's all I can say. Hehe. They said it's cheaper if you have your own car but for us, we did not buy yet because maybe we are used to commuting (haha). Kidding aside, it's not a priority for us yet because we have a lot of expenses still coming especially with the childcare even if it is subsidised. Maybe we'll get one next year since our son will be in prep school. Fares increased last January 7, 2019. Fares depend on what zone you are travelling. For us, our estimate per travel is $6-$10 two way either we are going to the city, grocery or somewhere. Remember to tap your card when exiting. If not, $10 will be deducted from your card. Some stations don't have a gate like those in the city. It happened to me only once since I am already very cautious about it. To have an idea on the fares and zones, refer to the link If you already have a go card, you can register and you can top up online - manual or auto. We top up our cards manually.
Per Week Budget (estimates only)

Rent - $350 maximum maybe
Electricity - $40 at least
Water - $10 at least
Internet - $15
Transportation - $56 for one person ($8 return for a single day only so it depends how travel times in a week ($8*7))

Total - $470 (rounded)

*Cost of living - Part 2 will be on groceries, clothing and others
*All those in blue are linked to their respective websites. Click for more information.


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