My First Investing/Trading Books

When I was learning about investing in the stock market, I needed books for more information. There are a lot of free pdf on the web but the books that I like, I want to have a hard copy of it so that my children maybe can read it someday. Maybe that will be the legacy that I'll be leaving them. I want them to know money management as it is very important. If only I have known that when we were kids, maybe I have chosen a different path. So, I went to check the bookstore and EXPENSIVE!! I searched for online bookstores that offers affordable books like amazon and I found at about BOOK DEPOSITORY. These are my first books. Jesse Livermore's Methods of Trading in Stocks - Richard Wyckoff This was my first ever book about trading. It has only 32 pages and can be read in one sitting but full of information. It tells about how Livermore's preparation before and after trading, money management, news, stocks to trade and pyramiding.   How To Trade in Stocks - Jesse Li

Happy Together

One of the reasons why we moved here in Brisbane was due to the long distance relationship we had with our son. After giving birth and staying for 2 months more, I went back to work again in Singapore. He was left with my mother-in-law. Every 3 months, we went home so that he will get to know us and one week was not enough but we had no choice since we had only 14 days/year leave. Everyday, before and after work, we call and talk to them via messenger.

Eventhough we call everyday, physical presence is still different. When he was growing older and everytime we came home, he was aloof. It pained me so much but I had to accept it.

I can vividly remember the first time he came to Singapore. He was turning one year old then. He cried the whole night and kept on asking for Mama. He did not sleep well. After a few fays, he became comfortable with us though sometimes he asked for Mama.

I also remember the first time he was trying to call me and he pronounced it as 'Mabie'. Maybe because his Dad calls me 'Bie' so he was confused and mixed mommy and bie to 'Mabie'. But after awhile, he learned to call me 'mommy'.

And yes, we missed a lot of firsts like first crawl, first solid food, first word and other more but we did not miss his first walk since he was in Singapore that time.

That's why we were so happy when we received the golden email. We really did not expect it to be that fast. Well, it took us a year but for us, it was fast from February 2017 to March 2018. #ToGodbetheGlory

Our First Chirstmas Together

*Pictures can be saved and used without our permission so our faces are covered for privacy and avoid identity theft. Thanks for understanding.


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