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Year 2020: COVID-19 and History

I really do not know how to write this blog but I want to document it because for sure this will be in history. Everybody's astounded with what's going on - death tolls rising, panic buying, borders closing, job losses, businesses closing, markets crashing etc. It is such a havoc. There are a lot of lessons I learned here but maybe I'll write it in another blog.. maybe..
Before the corona virus outbreak, there were a lot of things going on - bushfires here down under which lasted for months then in the Philippines, we had the Taal volcano eruption which occurred on 12th of January 2020. Then now this virus - COVID19. 
The virus started around December 2019 in Wuhan, China. It was becomingly popular around January and February especially where a Diamond Princess cruise ship was quarantined in Japan. Doctors and scientist were scrambling for answers. Many thought it was air born as the number of cases are increasing but it is not the case. 
The virus is thought to spread ma…

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